Do You Really Need A Boss

  Do You Really Need a Boss?

The articles in the Are Bosses Necessary? section of this week’s What You Need to Know focus on radical business models that upend traditional hierarchies in favor of more individual autonomy. Some companies have successfully navigated without bosses, but there are also many failures with this type of structure.

For your initial post, provide your thoughts on whether or not we need bosses in companies today. With all the technological innovation available, can employees become their own boss and take ownership of their decision making? If the first person you speak with can make a decision or solve your issue, would that be better for you as a consumer? As a business employee or colleague? Is this even possible?

A well-developed post, one that would be considered distinguished, is usually 250–350 words, on topic, provides examples, and relates what you’re saying to the course content.

Post your initial discussion response by Thursday to allow time for your peers to respond. Response Guidelines

After posting your initial response, read your peers’ posts and respond to two. Besides responding directly to your peers’ comments, your responses should expand the dialogue by asking questions or adding new information.

A well-developed response is generally stated in 50–100 words.

Post two peer responses by Sunday; the discussion ends at midnight central standard time on Sunday.

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