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 PART 2: ARTWORK CONTENT ANALYSIS Note: Reference specific details from each work of art throughout your writing to support your ideas. 1. Review and implement any suggestions from your professor from Part 1: Artwork Selection when working on Part 2. 2. Identify the theme that each artwork addresses. a. e.g.: power and authority, religion, spirituality, character, virtues, political, social concerns, a historic event, an individual, etc. 3. Describe the significance that the theme holds for the artist. a. Why did the artist choose to share his or her perspectives on this theme by making the selected artwork? 4. Explain the historical context of each artwork. a. What important events (social, political, economic, religious, etc.) took place aroundthe time each one was made? b. In what ways, if any, is this referenced in the artwork? 5. Discuss how the works of art are organized in order to visually communicate theirtheme. a. Compare and contrast the formal properties of each artwork and describe how these components help communicate the artist’s message. i. e.g.: Elements of art, principles of design, scale, value, balance, focal point, and media/materials. b. What images, text, signs, symbols, etc. are included in the composition to identify or reference the theme? c. What symbolic language connects each work of art across time and place?

 PART 2 REQUIREMENTS • Content analysis paper that identifies the common theme and describes the historical context of each artwork. • Compared and contrasted compositional properties and symbolic language of the selected pieces of artwork. • Description of how the pieces of art are unified visually in communicating their theme. • Include images of your selected artworks in your paper 


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