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Due Date: Initial post due by Wednesday, 11:59AM ET

As a teacher, you will be faced with innumerable situations in which an event in a student’s life affect that student’s performance in your class.  This could include  pregnancy, or birth of a child; relationship problems, divorce, or death; financial problems;  full-time or part-time employment schedules or obligations; travel needs; illness; medical or psychological disabilities or disorders. 

Think about how you might address one or more of these situations in a way that respects the student’s dignity and at the same time is fair and just to both the student and the student’s peers in class.  Will you make accommodations, and if so, what kinds? Are there cases in which no accommodations should be made?  Talk about your own reflection process and how you would go about coming to decisions about these types of situations.

Due Date: Initial post due by Wednesday, 11:59 AM ET

Replies due by Saturday, 11:59 PM ET

Consider your individual research studies. In an initial response, answer the following:

1. How might you assure validity of your results?2. How might you assure reliability of your results?3. If you are asking questions as part of your research study, how will you ensure these questions are both reliable and valid (i.e., that you are gathering the data you mean to collect)?

Be sure to incorporate information from the lecture materials and readings in your answer.

In two responses to classmates, provide suggestions, feedback, and insight regarding the potential validity and reliability of their specific research study.

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