Early Childhood 19788317


Learning Environments – 50 points

Please access and watch the youtube video using the following link:  

“Indicators of Quality Early Learning Environment” (Links to an external site.)

or you can go to YouTube and type the following topic in the search bar:”Indicators of a Quality Early Learning Environment”

Next address the following questions/areas of concern:

Talk about the ways that the environment of a child care center differs from that of a family child care setting. What are the benefits and drawbacks of setting up an ideal play and learning environment in a home setting? What are the common characteristics of a good environment for children of multiple ages, whether in a home or a center? Make sure to include the following: The need for a supervised area for children who sleep or nap The need for setting up areas for different types of play The need to provide opportunities for both quiet and active play The importance of storing materials at appropriate heights The need to have a place for storing each child’s personal items The need to consider safety when considering toys, materials, and acitivities

Physical Development – 50 points

The physical development of a child is extremely important.  Physical development refers to the development of gross-motor or large-muscle skills, such as crawling, walking, and batting, and of fine-motor or small-muscle skills, which are involved in tasks such as eating, writing, cutting and drawing (Segal, M., Bardige, B., Bardige, M., Breffni, L., and Woika, M., 2012).

Develop a one day lesson plan for an activity that you want students to do to increase their physical development skills. Your lesson plan gives a teacher a guide to class learning. Be creative in an activity where the classes will do something to increase physical development. Use the lesson plan template and lesson plan rubric in creating your one day activity. You may not have every item on the template filled out, but you should use most of the items in a lesson plan. Be specific in your lesson plan.

Example Lesson Plan Template-1.docx

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