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  I need 5 Articles for this topic and please see the details below for process of completing it. The Process for completing this assignment First, locate articles related      to the subject chosen. Complete the list below for each      article. The article presented first should be based upon      alphabetical order of the article title. Cite the article using the APA      style. Write a concise summary – in      your own words, no copying – of no less than 150 words for each assigned      article that complies with the following:

o    the authority or background of the author, including why we should trust the source of the material,o summarize the information presentedo Possible shortcomings or biases of the worko What you found most interesting in this work. o Do not use words that relate to you personally such as “I”, others “you”, or reference your personal opiniono Remember that these articles have been peer reviewed by others in the field. Step 2:Once completed, the group will begin preparing the group document. There are several sections of this document. This document should be organized using the sections below. · Section 1 – Student names who are involved in the group. The subject being researched.· Section 2 (Label this Section 2): The first section of this project will contain the five articles and summaries that each student has completed. These should be divided by student. Please list each student alphabetically by last name and then provide their articles in alphabetical order with their summary. (see Section 2 information below)· Section 3 (Label this Section 3): As a group, answer the following questions. List the question and then provide an answer in paragraph form. Each answer should be no less than 250 words.o Name three areas where (most of) your research agrees (each answer should be no less than 250 words for a total minimum of 750 words)o Name three places where (most of) your research disagrees (each answer should be no less than 250 words for a total minimum of 750 words).o Name one thing that was most surprising to most of the group members and why. This should be no less than 250 words.o Name the one thing that was most interesting to most of the group members and why. This should be no less than 250 words.· Section 4: Reference Page using APA style. Please make sure that you also used in-text citations within the body of Section 3.TurnItIn:This project will be turned in via the TurnItIn program. It is very important that you do not copy and paste your summary directly from the articles assigned as this will cause a high TurnItIn similarity. After receiving your TurnItIn feedback, you will have the ability to resubmit to update your assignment if your TurnItIn percentage is above 25% (excluding Reference Page information). Do not use any apps that are designed to take the article written and turn those in to “unique” content (Article Spinner, etc.). This will result in a grade of zero. These often create unreadable content.   

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