Edu 533 Week 3

Instructional Objectives Summarize the information from your learner and task analysis that outlines the knowledge, skills (behaviors), and attitudes that may be required for the learners in your project. Then, write three (3) instructional objectives for your project that include one instructional objective from each domain (cognitive, behavior, affective). Respond to the posts of at least one peer with substantive feedback.

week 2 discussion

Learner Characteristics
​ Basically, different learners have their different ways of learning and generally getting through the learning process successfully. It is therefore important for the teachers to develop lesson plans so as to enable all the different types pf learners to fully comprehend and absorb information in the way that basically fits their individual desires as learners (Hashim, Salam, & Mohamad, 2019). In the case when the teachers get to understand the different characteristics and learning styles, as well as the associated instructional strategies, they become better placed and, in a position, to address the educational requirements and desires of the learners in any given classroom. These styles of learning are broadly recognized in both the classroom issue theories and as well as education theories in general. Research has also revealed that in technical bases, a personal learning style basically refers to the entire preferential way through which the learner understands the entire learning process and fully retains the whole information.

​ Some of the common learning styles utilized by learners are visual style, verbal, physical, logical and social style of learning among others. In this case therefore, I will select visual style of learning as the best as it helps learners create an image of what they see and which could make it easier to comprehend and retain the information, as well as relate it with different circumstances in future (El Mawas, Ghergulescu, & Muntean, 2018, October). Some of the approaches that could basically help in this style of learning is through the provision of audio-visual mechanisms of teaching by the teachers and also taking the learners out to explore and have a real picture of what they discuss in the classroom situation. In this case therefore, the trainer is all responsible of assembling all the possible materials of learning so to enable the learner get to fully understand the concepts. The project in question would therefore be related to the entire classroom process and ensuring full control and a good flow of information to the learners.

week 1 discussion

    My project title is advancements in technology, the learning need of this project is to enhance students relationships with teachers and to also make learning fun and meaning for students through the use of technological applications.

     Through technology students will be able to grasp and understand content easily since learning is fun thus they are able to remember the concepts that they learnt.Technology makes learning easier by providing steps and guidelines that makes learning a bit easier compared to the normal process of learning.

     Through instructional intervention through technology teacher are able to use e readers and tablets in the learning process to help students learn well and be able to understand the concept, they also use remedial CAL programmes for example in mathematics to help make the learning process easier.

     The cause of the need is technology advancement in the society today technology has thrived and its taking over all over the world ,and students need to learn more about technology so that that they can keep with the technology trends in the society today.

    Students are also looking for easier ways to do things like learning and working and machines have made everything easier thus that’s why students need to learn more about technology and how to use it so that they can benefit .

     Technology is very important in the society today a lot of programmes and machines that have made work easier are incorporated in technology, students need to learn more about technology and become technology Literate so that they are able to operate different programmes in technology.

     Technology has contributed a lot into the society and in different fields that are important in the society like medicine and engineering ,a lot of inventions have been made through technology and enabled through education of the younger generation so as to make life easier,there are a lot of positive results in technology thus it has contributed a lot to education thus the choice of my project title technology advancements.

topic of paper is going to be technology

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