Education 19600869

Question 1 

 In Ingram v. Wright (1977), the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that states may authorize the use of corporal punishment as school policy.  The U.S. military has not allowed corporal punishment for more than one hundred years.  Why should it be disallowed in the military but be permissible in schools?  Is it ever appropriate in schools? 

Question 2

 When is it appropriate for teachers to engage in politics?  How can teachers influence what goes on in their schools?  How can they influence decisions at the district and board levels?  

Question 3

 Today’s teachers have responsibilities never imagined in earlier times.  School districts specify expectations and evaluate teachers- especially probationary teachers- clearly and closely.  Teachers need to know about curriculum standards and be sure that their students have learned the material that will be on the tests.  Always present is the possibility of legal action.  Take a few minutes to summarize the key points you have learned from reading about teachers’ rights and responsibilities.  Which of these points have you not anticipated?  Which will you need to be sure to learn more about? 

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