English Comp Essay And Discussion

WEEK 12 (Graded Assignments Highlighted Below)

  Proofreading and expanding our thoughts. Essay structure. How will we apply the skills in this class to our future courses? What have we learned so far? WEEK 12 LEARNING TASKS:
  Catch up reading any selections you missed.   Submit Essay 2. (100 points) Explore writing Essay 2 in the Week 12 Discussion Thread. (10 points) WEEK 12 LEARNING MATRIX OUTCOMES:
    Create at least three well-developed, 2-3 page essays, only of which one may be personal;
    Create engaging introductions and solid, effective conclusions;
    Identify thesis statements and create original thesis statements of their own;
    Impact the reader by using tone, voice, style, creativity, and clarity;
    Edit and revise in order to create grammatically correct papers;
    Use proper formatting including line-spacing, paragraphing, and headers.
WEEK 12 Graded Assignments:
  Submit Essay 2. (100 points) Explore writing Essay 2 in the Week 12 Discussion Thread (10 points) Dear Class,
The end of the course is near!

First of all, I appreciate your work so far in this class!
This week, you will be working on Essay 2 and discussing the process.

This week, you will turn in Essay 2.  This is the essay that you discussed in the Week 11 Discussion Thread.  
This is a great time to ask me any questions that you might have.   Remember that you only have one more essay to write after this one.  
Looking Ahead: Your final essay will be due in Week 15.  It is will be a personal essay.
I will be posting more throughout the week!


What are the most challenging aspects of working on Essay 2?

Is this essay more challenging or less challenging than working on your first essay?


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