English Composition I 19848387

In Lesson 2, in the 2.1 Introduction section, we discussed that there is a process to writing, but that there is no one, specific, start-to-finish process. Instead, the process is cyclical as we learned throughout the lesson. Additionally, you learned that it is important to understand yourself as a writer and that you have your own process.

Please respond to this prompt by reflecting upon your own writing process. You may choose to use the guiding questions/prompts below as a way to begin your reflection; however, you do not have to address all of the questions. The objective of this reflection is to become better acquainted with the process that you go through when writing.
Recalling the last correspondence that you wrote, what was your process? For example, if the last correspondence you wrote was an email, what was your process in writing that email? Do you approach each academic writing assignment in the same way? What are your feelings about writing? Have you always had these feelings? Do you have the same feelings about all writing or just writing for which you will receive a grade? Do you begin by gathering your thoughts or by writing down everything you know? Do you always follow the same process every time you write, or does your process seem to change depending upon what you are writing? How does your process change (if at all) between writing prepared for work versus writing prepared for your academics? What is your best outline of your process for an essay? Did you find any of the materials in Unit II about process particularly helpful or inspirational? Why? Did you find the notion of “invention” as a canon of rhetoric to be interesting or productive? Why? What was your process for writing this reflection?

Remember that this is a piece of reflective writing, and while we tend to consider reflective writing to be about “how far we have come,” it is not necessary for that to be the case. Looking in the mirror at our reflection is not an act about the passage of time or about growth; it is about being able to see ourselves where before we could not. So remember to be kind to yourself. You are a beginning writer, and this is an exercise about discovering who you are as a writer so that we can work together to build who you will be.

Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment” ALSO PLEASE REPLY TO ANOTHER STUDENTS COMMENT BELOW 


When I  start writing about thing like for example materials, life, or just the world and what’s going on in the world, I have to write everything down to see where I want to go with the writing or how I want to word everything before actually starting my writing. Some times when I go about it writing this way I’ll  get a little nervous because I love to go in to deep thought and sometimes will get lost along the way because of so many deep thoughts I come up with. I’ve always felt this way when it comes to writing and I honestly don’t know why but hopefully one day I will stop feeling this way.

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