Ethnography Report 19768031


Philopsophy – explain your position as a researcher – interpretive paradigm – what it means

Methodology  – this is the ethnography part

Methods – how did you collect the data – observation – what type? Interviewas pre COVID post COVID? Linked to qualitative authors

Ethics – need expanding – discuss each – confidentiality anonymity, data protection, right to withdraw – then how in this study you are going to protect your participants – eg pseudonyms, consent forms PIF etc

The critical analysis is not critical and not good enough as you have not tied the authors you have set up in your review of literature (not Silverman or qualitative authors but the sociological authors)    It is descriptive.

I cannot keep marking it so please take this on board look at the marksheet and make sure all the appendices are also included –

All the consent forms blacked out

The filled in participant information form

5 mins of the interview – transcribed and coded

All the observations coded

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