Final Project Network Security

Final Project Description, Report & Presentation: Word document in about 300 words that provides detailed description on the final project topic (Choose your own topic for final project which must be relevant to network security and should not be the same topic(DDoS Attack) which you selected last week). Explain how it is related to network security. Be as clear as you can in explaining your topic by using some relevant examples, Software, hardware, etc., Also, add references at the end along with hyper links. Using word document write a report of up to 700 words on your project topic that you selected. This document should be in APA format, double spaced, showing sources and a bibliography. Add references at the end along with hyperlinks. PPT presentation up to 10 slides on the same topic. Add references at the end along with hyperlinks.

Note: Use your own words. Provide hyperlinks to the references and plagiarism is not acceptable. If i see more more than 15% plagarism, i will give 0.

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