Foreign Bribery


First, what is bribery in your own words?  Explain the three reasons for foreign bribery that Fadiman discusses.  Do most Americans look at bribery from a culturally biased perspective, or is Fadiman too tolerant of foreign corruption.

Fadiman lists several reasons why it may be in the commercial interest of Americans to play the bribery game.  Should they do it?  Does playing the bribery game make good business sense?  Why or why not?  

Is bribery immoral?  Should we as Americans be morally above this practice or do you agree with Fadiman’s reasons for playing the bribery game in our global business operations?  If bribery is acceptable in foreign countries why not simply start engaging in it in our domestic business operations as well?  Discuss..

Finally, do you think that the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is a good law?  Should it be repealed?  Why? Discuss…

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