Group project option 2: after-tax analysis for business expansion


Module 5: Draft

You should now have made progress on the first six sections of the Group Project.



3.Team charter

4.Review the problem along with the specifics of required information and desired solutions.

5.What are the limits to giving an answer that will for certain solve the problem(s)? In other words what are the internal variables and external variables that could change over time that would change the predicted outcome and therefore solutions to the problem(s)?

6. Explain the process that will be used to solve the problem (s).

There should be enough here to determine that progress is being made in the same way a manager would ask for and want to see progress on a similar type of “real workplace” assignment. The instructor is not going to proof read the draft but will review to assess progress and that the group is working toward a final acceptable presentation of the Group project.

Evaluation: Your Engineering Economics Group Project, in total, accounts for30%of your course grade. The Draft assignment accounts for 20% of the Group Project. Review the TECH330_M5A3_Rubricon the Rubric page or by going to the Start-Here Course Information section of the course to see more information on grading criteria.

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