Ha540 Unit 9 Discussion


Using the Medicare Nursing Home Compare website, research one nursing home that has a reported customer complaint.

After thoroughly researching your nursing home on the Medicare Nursing Home Compare website, discuss the demographics of the nursing home (e.g., ownership, location, etc.). Address the reported customer complaints (e.g., nature of complaint, validity of complaint, etc.). Was the complaint validated by noncompliance of regulation or policy? What would you do to correct these complaints? Finally, how do you compare these customer complaints with the nursing homes’ survey deficiencies?

This is an opportunity for you to explore the practical application of quality research in healthcare. I encourage you to respond in first person, share personal experiences, and ask questions to further develop your understanding of quality performance and value in healthcare.





Using their same references in two separate paragraph give your personal opinion to Jessica Egloff and Breanne Munday 

Breanne Munday 

Genesis Gettysburg Center: 867 York Rd. Gettysburg, PA 17325 Known as Gettysburg Center, owned by Genesis Healthcare Not a CCRC- Continuing Care Retirement Community Resident council only: residents and families can communicate with staff matters that are pressing to them Ownership: For profit- Corporation

I chose the company I work for since I know of the complaints that have been called into the health department. I had a hard time researching customer complaints but since I work there, I do know of a couple that has happened within the past few months. The most recent complaint we had was back in March when we first had to shut the facility down due to Covid-19. We had the stomach bug going around the facility (we thankfully have zero Covid-19 cases) but a family member called a complaint in that the facility was not taking the proper precautions since the stomach bug has spread between employees/residents. Normally, the state would come in and review charts but since there are no visitors allowed, we had to scan copies of certain resident charts for the health department to review and determine if a citation would be issued or not. “Based on an abbreviated survey completed on March 26, 2020, to investigate a complaint, it was determined that Gettysburg Center had no deficiencies identified under the requirements of 42 CFR Part 483, Subpart B Requirements for Long Term Care Facilities and the 28 PA Code, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Long Term Care Licensure Regulations (Health PA, n.d).”

9/19/19 Inspection: Protect residents from types of abuse: physical, mental, sexual, and neglect= “Review of facility incident investigation report dated (MONTH) 13, 2019, for an event which occurred on (MONTH) 12, 2019, revealed Agency Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 1 witnessed Agency Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 2 at approximately 10:45 PM forcefully giving Resident 240 medication while reclining in geri-chair and then witnessed LPN 2 proceed to pour water into resident’s mouth. When resident began to attempt to spit water/medication out LPN 2 took the resident’s t-shirt and covered the resident’s mouth and nose with the t-shirt. It was related that LPN 1 timed the event and stated it lasted three to four minutes. The report also revealed that the resident was attempting to pull his shirt down away from his face and in the process resident’s shirt was ripped at the neck line (Medicare, n.d).”

This was an incident that the facility reported themselves and was cited for since an employee physically harmed a resident. This employee was fired, lost his license, and the police were involved since he placed his hands on the residents.

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Medicare Nursing Home Profile. (n.d.). Retrieved May 14, 2020, from https://www.medicare.gov/nursinghomecompare/profile.html

 Jessica Egloff 

              The nursing home that I have decided to review is Scenic Hills at the Monastery, located in Ferdinand, IN. Scenic Hills participates in Medicare and Medicaid and has 88 certified beds. This facility is one of the Trilogy Health Services facilities. The overall rating of the facility if 5 stars.  I am currently employed at this facility, which gives me an interesting view of the situation. In the last 3 years, the facility has had one customer complaint survey that resulted in a citation.

              On 6/3/19 surveyors entered the building for a complaint survey following a complaint from a resident related to temperature and quality of food. During their observation in the kitchen, surveyors found a refrigerator inside the kitchen that did not have a thermometer or a log to record the temperature regularly. Surveyors also observed a meal services in which staff were seen delivering food from the kitchen to residents without being covered. Thus, the complaint was validated by noncompliance of policy. A F0812 tag was given.

              If I were given the opportunity to lead the plan or correction on this issue, I would begin by setting up an infection control in-service with dietary staff and a meal services in service with all staff that are involved in that process. I feel that education is the best first step to ensure these issues do not occur again. I would also be sure to set up meetings with all residents and the head of the dietary department to allow all residents to share their concerns or questions. Because one or more residents are unhappy with the food, I feel this is also an extremely important step to ensure that the departments is addressing any and all resident concerns.

              After comparing this complaint to the most recent survey it is apparent that the facility made some improvements. I personally was involved in the plan of correction for this complaint. We focused a great deal of time addressing this issue by educating staff and completing regular checks. The facility went through their annual survey shortly after this complaint. During the annual survey, no dietary citations were found.

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