Ha545 Unit 6 Discussion

Using as reference:

Title: Health Policymaking in United States 

Edition: 6th (2015) 

Author: Longest 

Publisher: ACHE 

Book ISBN: 978-1-56793-719-0 

Chapter 6: “Policy Formulation: Development of Legislation” 

In 150 words Discuss the role of policy analysis in policy modification. Include a description of a federal agency that supports policymaking through policy analysis. 

In no less than 75 words give your personal opinion to  Felita Daniel-sacagiu and 


 Dianna Adair 

Policy analysis is important for modification purposes in particular, because if a policy is not working, knowing specifically what is going wrong and what is still 

effective allows for appropriate modification. Without analysis, how would anyone know what the problem was? If the solution was always obvious the problems would not occur in the first place. Gathering and recording facts associated with health issues gives a starting point for establishing policy. As an example, the regulation of the tobacco industry starts with understanding the dangers and how many people are affected. The same goes for diseases such as HIV, heart disease, or even cancers (Longest, 2016). While these things cannot necessarily be prevented without intruding on personal freedoms, it gives a place to start to reduce instances.

Agencies that complete research on that which policy influences include the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). A guiding force in current research and analysis was actually established with the Affordable Care Act. The ACA provided 10 billion dollars in funding to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (Longest, 2016). Even still, there are many move avenues through which analysis of policy is conducted beyond these.


Longest, B. B. (2016). Health Policymaking in the United States (Vol. Sixth edition). Chicago, Illinois: Health Administration Press.

 Felita Daniel-sacagiu 

     Policy analysis is part of the policy oversight that takes place during the implementation phase of the rulemaking process.  It is crucial for controlling, monitoring and modifying rules, regulations and agency operations efficiently and effectively.  Effective policy analysis is a continuum of analytical activities that can begin in agenda-setting and pervade and support the entire policymaking process. (Sadler, 2019).  The legislative and executive branches of the federal government are involved in policy evaluation and other forms of analysis because they ware interested in the performance of the policies they enact and implement (Longest, 2015).

     The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation is a federal agency that supports policymaking through policy analysis.  The center supports the secretary of HHS with the authority to either reduce spending without reducing the quality of care or improve the quality of care without increasing spending. 

Longest, B. B. (2015). Health Policymaking in the United States. Chicago, IL: Health    Administration Press.

The Role of Analysis in Policy Modification-Health Policy (2019). Retrieved from www.guwsmedical.info/health-policy/the-role-of-analysis-in-policy-modification.html.

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