HIS101 Cuyamaca Russian Revolution Communism And Socialism Questions

1. Discuss the causes and consequences of Latin American Revolutions?

2. Discuss the threats to Mexico sovereignty from foreign powers after independence ?

3. Discuss the connection between the women’s rights movement the abolition of slavery in America?

4. Define the concept of Nationalism? What was significant about the unification of Germany and Italy?

5. Describe the origins and the aims of the labor movement and socialism in the late nineteenth century?

6. How did the practice of the “New Imperialism” vary in Africa and in Asia?.

7. What the causes and events that led to the start of the First World War I ?.

8 Discuss the causes of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and what impact did it have on the outcome of the First World War?

9. What were the causes and consequences of the Great Depression on the world?

10. How was Joseph Stalin’s going to achieve his Five Year Plans?

11. Why were Mussolini and Hitler able to gain power and engage in territorial expansion with impunity prior to 1939? What were the causes for the Second World War?

12. What factors led to the emergence of a popular independence movement in India, and why did this movement lead to the establishment of two states, India and Pakistan, rather than to a single India?

13. What was significant about the Amritsar Incident?

14. Discuss the origins of the Cold War?

15. What were the foreign policies of President Reagan? Discuss the Iran Contra affair?

16. What were the causes for demise of Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe?

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