HIST 235 Georgetown University Spanish Civil War & Homage to Catalonia Book Discussion

I need to write afterthought about George Orwell’s book “Homage to Catalonia”. The content of the article should be at least 500 words, new Roman font and double spacing. The article can discuss the following issues:

1. How did different political agendas try to spin the Spanish Civil War and what effect did these spins have on the war?

2. In chapter 5, Orwell discusses his motivations for volunteering to fight in the Spanish Civil War. He writes that he came to Catalonia with no knowledge or interest in the political climate of Spain and only joined the war “to fight against Fascism.” How does the war change in meaning for Orwell over time?

3. Orwell often looks down on the Spanish military tactics, and their war efforts as a whole. Does this play into his theory of Northern Superiority as mentioned in Wigan Pier or is it just coincidental.

4. Orwell says he tried his best to be objective when writing the Homage to Catalonia. Do you think he was successful in accurately depicting the war, or was it a partisan, partial account of what actually happened in Spain.

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