Hsa5000 Deliverable 6 Create An Abstract


Draft a paper that answers the research question based on findings. Scenario

You are a first-year graduate student. You are taking a graduate course on research and writing. In this assignment, your professor has asked you to write the abstract of a research paper you are interested in writing. Instructions

Your abstract should have sections summarizing the following: Your purpose and research question Your research methods Your methods for data collection and analysis Expected findings Potential usefulness of your study Resources

For assistance on an abstract, please visit the Rasmussen College Answers page or the Rasmussen College Writing Guide Grading Rubric  Clear and thorough identification of purpose and research question.   Clear and thorough explanation of research methods.   Clear and thorough description of methods for data collection and analysis.   Comprehensive prediction of expected findings.   Clear and thorough explanation of the study’s potential usefulness.   No errors or omissions in APA formatting.   No spelling nor grammar errors. 

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