Hsci 11

Answer ten questions concisely and accurately according to the video and pdf I posted: 

1. In the following situation I am more likely to engage in thinking which makes the experience seem worse than it actually is.


2. The automatic thoughts that are likely to emerge in this situation include:

 3. The kinds of distortions that are involved in my thinking include:  

4. What is the worst thing that could realistically happen in my stress situation?


5. What facts are not consistent with my automatic thoughts in this situation? (i.e., what is true about my thoughts; what is not true?) 

 6. How are my automatic thoughts in this situation likely to be viewed as illogical from an objective point of view? 

 7. How do my automatic thoughts interfere with my ability to effectively solve the problem involved in this situation? 


8. Imagine that you are confronted with the situation described above (in question 1 of this exercise). Construct replacement thoughts that are more realistic and likely to lead to a satisfying resolve of the situation.


9.Based on replacing your distorted automatic thoughts with the new, more logical, objective thought sequence developed in question 8, answer the following.

Notice any resistance to doing this.


10. Can you imagine how different you might feel in this situation if the new thought sequence were to become your automatic reaction?

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