I Want A Research Proposal And Poster Presentation On A Question In Data Analytics

Hi I want a well structured and relevant Research Question or Hypothesis in Data analytics. It should be focused on a single problem or issue. 


Your poster should include: Researchers Name and Contact (5 Marks) Research Question or Hypothesis (10 Marks) An introduction to your Research (10 Marks) An overview or literature review (10 Marks) Proposed Methodology/Research Plan (20 Marks) Future research / Potential Artefact (20 Marks) Appropriate referencing, IEEE or Harvard Referencing (5 Marks) Correct grammar and spelling (10 Marks) Clear formatting and design, including the DBS Logo (10 Marks)

Research Proposal should Include: Research and select a problem domain: (15 Marks) A well structured and relevant Research Question or Hypothesis Choose a research Topic: (15 Marks) Focused on a single problem or issue Researchable using primary and/or secondary sources Feasible to answer within the timeframe and practical constraints Specific enough to answer thoroughly Complex enough to develop the answer over the space of a paper or thesis Relevant to field of study and/or society more broadly Develop a literature review: (20 Marks) Current Relevant Authority/Accuracy Formulate a Research Plan: (20 Marks) Identify an appropriate research methodology Future research / Potential Artefact  Provide and appropriate Bibliography/References: (15 Marks) using IEEE or Harvard Referencing in a consistent way Appropriately formatted using the agreed format: (15 Marks) Correct format Correct length Correct language and grammar

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