Illinois Family Law

For this assignment you will be performing legal research and preparing memo to your supervising attorney on the topic of Annulment in the state of Illinois, based on your findings for a new client. Begin your research by gathering information on the annulment rules in Illinois that the attorney can provide to the client.

As a starting point, you can use the following queries: What is an annulment? Why would someone want an annulment? What are the barriers to getting an annulment? What are the legal requirements and what is the legal procedure for securing an annulment in your state?

Write a 350-500 word legal memorandum addressing these questions and apply the law with demonstrative examples that show your depth of research and understanding of the annulment process in the family law context. Please be sure to use the laws for the State of Illinois for this memorandum!! At least one reference must be from Lexis Nexis website.

To perform your legal research, please use the following Legal Research Guide to access Lexis Nexis.

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