Juvenile Diabetes 2


Hello Dear,

This Assignment is on JUVENILE DIABETES and please find the attached sample of a similar paper format. The attached sample is on a different topic please to note of that. Please use the Social Cognitive Theory too. Also, this paper should not be more than three pages and minimum of three pages.


Note: Please fellow the instructions below 

Submit a short paper with your recommendations for the public health program you have selected for the final project. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

Ø Be sure to specifically recommend improvements that should be made to the current program. 

Ø Clearly outline and explain other social and behavioral theoretical approaches that may be used to engage the community.


Ø Substantiate your claims with evidence from the program and peer-reviewed literature. Would you suggest a new program or simply a new program approach? If so, briefly explain what that program would look like and how it would be an improvement to the current program.

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