Leadership 19506779



Develop strategies for training and mentoring future leaders in early childhood education.



You are a teacher at All Kids Childcare and Education. You have been a teacher at this center for over five years. In that time, you have seen the program grow from 55 children to over 200. This has caused some growing pains for the center. The center has suffered high staff turnover in recent years, but you have stayed with the center because you know that stability is best for children. The director is thinking of retiring soon, and she has decided to find a replacement from within the center. You know that you would like to be a future leader for the child care program and asked for more information. The director has decided that any teacher who wants to apply for the director’s job must create a chart showing their leadership skills. You believe that you have some great leadership and advocacy skills.



First, review what it means to be a leader, the challenges a leader might face, and what leadership development entails. Create a one-page cover letter explaining to the director why you would be a good leader of the child care program. Use early childhood terminology to explain your vision. Use examples of your leadership work with children, parents, or in the community.

Second, create a two-column chart for the director similar to the example shown below. The first column should state each leadership skill you possess. The second column will describe the skill, and provide an example of that skill being used in early childhood education. You need to have at least ten leadership skills and descriptions to present to the director.

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