Library Research 19617517


Select 1 out of the 4 topics mentioned below :

1.The Mission of the Organization 

2.The External andInternal Assessment 

3.Your Version of Strategic Management –Your opinion/preference/your model

4.Implementing Strategies

• Deliver an 2000-2500-word essay on any Strategic Management concept 

Specifically mention In your opinion how would you work to create specific requirements that you believe is a priority in the space of Strategic Management. 


1.Locate a popular magazine article, then find a scholarly article on the same subject. Compare the two articles for content, style, bias, audience, etc. 

2. Prepare an annotated bibliography of books, journal articles, and other sources on a topic. Includeevaluative annotations. 

3. Analyze the content, style, and audience of three journals in a given discipline. 

Use the following format in your citation: 

BOOK: Agamben, Giogio. Profit in Equity: Severing Power and Bare Life. Translated by Daniel HellerRoazen. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1998. 

MAGAZINE: Ede, Lisa “Collaboration and Concepts of Authorship.” PMLA 116, no.2 (March 2001): 354-69.  

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