Management And Organizational Behavior 19574165

Initial responses must be posted by WEDNESDAY in order to receive credit. Length of initial posts should be 200-250 words.
TWO REPLIES to classmates are due by SUNDAY. Length of the follow-up postings should be 150-200 words each.
Include the word count at the end of each post.
Specific references – with parenthetical citations – to the module’s readings must be included in the post using APA format for citations. Refer to questions or clarifications in regard to APA formatting.

Ch 12

1)  Identify who you think have been great leaders, past or present. Explain why the people on this list are or were strong leaders and what characteristics they possess. Compare your lists to your classmates’ in your replies. Do they all have common characteristics? What does this imply about trait theory?
2) Which leadership style do you most closely relate to yourself? What actions can you take now to develop your leadership capabilities?

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