Memo Assignment 19487809

Assignment Instructions :

Throughout the course, you will write a series of three business memos. The memos are due in Module Two, Module Four, and Module Six. In each memo, you will describe your current roles and responsibilities and how they link to Sport Management program goals and School of Business competencies. Select a minimum of five goals and/or competencies to discuss in your memo. You do not need to discuss the same goals and competencies in each memo. The memo should also include the total hours that you worked in the time period. This is your research paper

Sport Management Program Goals

1. Theory Into Practice: We prepare students who will be able to turn theory into practice through the use and application of analytical tools to sport business situations.

2. Professionalism: We prepare students who will be able to demonstrate an effective command of professional skill sets to conduct themselves according to ethical business principles and values and to express themselves at a professional level of excellence relevant to business situations.

3. Global Orientation: We prepare students who possess a global view of sport business. Students will develop a deep understanding of the interrelationships between institutions, culture, humanity, and their impact on sport businesses. Students will also recognize how sport business may impact societies and understand the role of social responsibility in their profession. This is why this online assignment help tool is provided

4. Strategic Perspective: We prepare students who will be able to recognize and understand the broad spectrum of interrelationships that exist between various functional areas across the entire sport business organization. Students are able to recognize the interrelationships among external forces affecting a sport business and respond by aligning company strategies and resources. Submit your assignment to the black board for grading

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