Mini Case Study 19578839


Review Health Plan Implementation in Chapter 5, page 102.

This task allows the student to complete the assigned case study. Students should read the Mini Case Study information carefully. Students provide written responses to the study questions. To complete this task, the student submits answers in a  two-page APA-formatted paper.


Students should use the following format for their written assignment.

Your paper must include one to two pages of written content.

In addition to the  2 pages of written content, please include:

Title Page

Appropriate Headings and Sub-Headings

Reference Page (minimum of 2 scholarly references)

Use a minimum of 2 scholarly references – scholarly references can include peer-reviewed articles, textbook, journals, and scholarly news articles. The course text may not be used as a reference.

No plagiarism

HSA 3170 Healthcare Accounting and Finance 

· Text Course:  Introduction to the Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations 7thedition Author Michael Nowicki Publisher Gateway to Healthcare Management 2018

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