Modern environment.

Modern environment.

Executive Summary

            The purpose of this assignment is reviewing some of the challenges that face sustainability in the modern environment. As it is notable, the current world has had its fair share of these issues and it has been hard for business people to handle the matters effectively. The second section of the paper also addresses the current approaches that institutions are putting in place to ensure that their employees and their customers are well served. Through the incorporation of this, there is high hope that the customers will pay more attention and respect the companies even more. The obvious consequences of this involve resolution of some public opinion misconceptions and increased loyalty in the companies. The final part of the paper will be the creation of a business model that handles the sustainability issue and further advice on recommendations to resolve the issue.


            The contemporary environment has seen different types of business entities and depending on the structure and the environment where the company operates, then it is possible to determine the business strategy to incorporate. Many companies do not pay attention to the needs of the customers and as of such they lose on many available opportunities that might present. It is essential to note that with the technology environment, it has become easier for business people to comprehend the needs and expectations of the clients. Through this strategy, they always ensure that they meet the various anticipations. It is important to review some of the past issues that have come up relating to sustainability alongside what has been learned in the course of studying to better comprehend the best means to resolve any underlying problems relating to the same.

Question 1

Ethical leadership is very influential in the modern environment and this is because of the manner that it manages people. Different studies have been carried out on the relationship between ethical leadership and personal belief. Personally, I am of the view that in order for a person to progress well, then the person ought to build his or her character. However, the contemporary environment has seen many people disassociate these factors and consequently fail to accomplish a given project. People do not respect the various social institutions and the consequent of this is failure on the part of the individual.

Another point that I look at effectively is with regard to giving back to the society. It is expected that if a company or an organization carries out appropriate and effective work, then the employees carry out their jobs or activities in a similar manner. An example of this is through the conducted general elections. People are of the view that I do put a lot of ethics in activates and manage to cover all the deals that I engage in. The information is very credible for it builds a person/s reputation.

It is accurate to note that globalization has the effect of providing both a positive and a negative impact (Donaldson,& Dunfee, 2017). With globalization there is the rise in technology and the consequent of this is having people appreciate the efforts made and using technology in the modern world to ensure gratification. There is also the disadvantage of a person failing to respect the authority set by the leader and the consequent of this is slow development as actions seeking to grow a company or an individual fails.

Question 2

In my company, I have come to note that there are some gaps that exist relating to sustainability and it has become imperative to bridge the gap and reason for this is the fact that it will make me relate better with the employees. I can effectively state that I have made quite some progress with regard to making the company sustainable and one of the points I can note that I have got to improve is with regard to my understanding of the needs of other people in the environment. I have come to learn the importance of not being self-centeredas a company and through this people that I work with have got to respect me and my virtues. In future, I will manage to relate well with people that I work with.

I have also come to note the actions that I can take in order to improve my leadership competencies and this will help me in my sustainability program and throughout my career. An example of this is fostering equal treatment of employees. It is not effective to have others feeling intimidated and reason for this is that they may get to perform poorly and with poor performance there is the loss of trust (Aas & Vavik, 2015). I try showing them the ultimate amount of respect that they deserve. However, I still have to ensure that they respect me for my position and as of such carry out their activities effectively.

For the sake of my career, it is important to learn the importance of memorizing mission statements and visions for companies. I have managed to evaluate the mission and vision of a company and work effectively to ensure that this is still maintained in the organization. I will manage to get a lot of respect from the community if I maintain the mission and vision. Moreover, the community will get to believe in the authenticity of the company and the products that it offers which is an important factor moving forward in the rather competitive contemporary environment.

In order to effectively pass as a leader, I also come to realize the importance of understanding the human resource department and having the ability to explain the human resource management systems that the company employs. The importance of having this as ability or rather as a power is the fact that one might be called to important meetings where investors might seek to inject funds into the company (Bush, Bell& Middlewood, 2019). It is imperative for me to ensure that I have all the information and reason for this is that there is immersing a lot of confidence in the organization. Investors thus get to note the abilities that the company has and through this the company progresses effectively and I am sure that my career will be safe through this

Despite the progress made, I have to admit that there are some areas where I have not managed to effectively handle or rather improve on and it is important to review them prior to engaging more customers. One of the areas is with regard to my ability to handle criticism without being defensive. I am always very defensive when it gets to criticism and reason for this is that I feel that I am mostly right in the actions that I take. I should understand that as a leader it is important to be open to criticism relating to sustainability management. However, this factor is not true and reason for this is that everyone makes mistakes and when they do they ought to own up to them. I should improve with regard to this and reason for this is that with all the changes taking place in the environment I might not know everything and thus should take the criticism as a learning chance.

Question 3

In class, we have learned that in order to have sustainability according to KPI, it is important to limit the use of the internet despite its outspoken importance.  It is hard to determine the internet use of people and the governance and it is essential to do this if one is to effectively succeed in their career. This is a great problem for it hurts the organization and reason for this is the fact that when people get to overuse the internet or use it for different actions such as social media there is sluggish development of the organization (Roth et al. 2016). It is important to improve with regard to this part of organizational management.

The assessments that we have had in school have been very important and effective for students and reason for this is that they have kept them focused knowing that there is a test that will seek to see if I have the ability to remember all the concepts that have been taught in class. I can identify that assessments are important for they put a person focused and constantly reading the notes offered in class. Through the tests it is important to note the changes that take place in the contemporary environment. The revision is in such a manner that they have the ability to reviewenvironmental sustainability information that is offered by the various teachers and through this it is possible to have me generally develop and grow mentally.

It is important to appreciate the group discussions for they have enabled students to understand concepts relating to sustainability even better. Initially, people were rather very lazy and did not want to attend group discussions and this is because they thought they were a waste of time. Research has shown that group discussions are important even in politics (Levendusky et al. 2016). Actually, it is important to study on one’s own as well as relying on these meetings. Some other environmental concepts that are introduced in class through KPI is relating to the concept of green buildings and recycling.

The current world is facing numerous challenges when it comes to sustainability and the consequent of this is having people even suffering more. The more pollution there is in the environment the more people get sick. People have had to leave employment because of feeling badly and it is important to ensure that such issues seize existing in the business world. Every person should understand his or her responsibilities in the modern world and the importance of this is always ensuring that the general environment progresses in a positive light. It is also possible to offset some of these challenges that people might face.

Sustainability management should be the goal of any company that seeks to see customers remaining loyal. If a company does not cater for the needs of the clients, there are high chances that the company will be ignored and people will move to other companies that are more reputable. The learning strategies we have in school are very beneficial for the enable us to comprehend means through which we can balance the process of profit generation with that of sustainability performance management.

Question 4

The construction of the business model for a company is one of the tasking activities to carry out and it is important to have a well laid out plan. One of the most important aspects or sections regarding associations and construction is that of the building configuration. The company configuration will be a link between the internal and external part of the building. For the survival of a company, it is important to have proper understanding of the environment especially when the company is new and reason for this is that it ensures the strengthening of the internal structure that do not have access to a lot of information. It is notable that most of these are placed will be placed on the upper part of management room and the reason for this is that it leads to better flow of ideas from various members of the team. 

Business orientation is another aspect to understand with regard to the building envelop and ensuring sustainability of the building and ensure sustainability. Some contractors do not take their work as seriously as it is required and the consequent of this is having shoddy work provided by the builders where the orientation of a building may differ from the original engineering designs. The consequent of these problems is having numerous disasters that involve buildings collapsing (Chwieduk, 2003). However, in case it is late, the best strategy involves strengthening the building envelop in such a manner that it manages to hold on the inner wall and the external wall. The best way to do this is introduction of even dumper cement to ensure sustainability of the building.

Thermo mass will be incorporated in the building structuremodel and the reason for this is that it contributes to the insulation of a building and this is in a manner that in case of cold nights, it is impossible for cold air to go through the walls (Evins, 2013). The reason why system buildings are filled with thermos- regulator material is the fact that this enables the people to live rather comfortable lives without the fear of cold. Moreover, the building becomes more stable with the regulators and reason for this is that in case of extremely high or extremely low temperatures the building walls might crack but the regulators prevent this.

Summary and Recommendations

            It is important to always ensure that the new business interacts well with the environment where it is set up. Failure to have this blend has repercussions and some of these involve having the managers engaging in business practices that deviate from the needs and expectations of the consumers. A proper business structure is supposed to follow all the measures that are required and as of such will ensure that all needs are met. The contemporary environment has seen the setting up of business entities that are substandard and consequently more sustainable institutions have defeated them even thought they might have less experience. Through comprehension of these stringent issues in the business environment, it is possible to set up strategies that will see to it that companies benefit in the long run and other institutions do as well.


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