Modern Organizations And Healthcare Week 6 Assignment


Modern Organizations and Healthcare – Week 6 Assignment


It has come to your attention as the leader of a department that there are on-going statements being made that the “morale” of the organization is the lowest it has ever been.  For this assignment you will need to prepare a 20-minute presentation on team building and motivation to be presented to your staff on how you are going to improve morale in the department. 

You will prepare a minimum of 15 PowerPoint slides with no more than each bullet (sentence/point) having 5 words.  You will attach your notes to the bottom of the PowerPoint slides. You decide the issues that you want to address.  Please use your readings from this week to discuss yourself as a leader, influencing, motivating, and morale.

The overall goal of this assignment is to motivate and inspire your staff.  Have some fun with this!!!


Dunn & Haimann’s Healthcare Management: Chapters 20-24

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