Module 1 Forum 3

  Traditional Culture in the Modern World: The Elders Role

This week there are two topics to discuss – please post about each discussion in a separate thread. (One should thread should be labelled Elders, the other Languages). Both are equally important.  First read what the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) Elders say about traditional roles today click here. (pdf) Listen to the following story -Sage Girls- about the role this Elder played in young women’s lives. (mp3) Why do you think elder McKenna accomplished what she did? How does what she accomplished establish an argument for a return to Indigenous teachings in conjunction with Western teaching in schools throughout Canada? Languages

Listen to the following story and watch the following video: Language camp – Piapot reserve (mp3) Language Camp video (MP4 2m) How can this camp help young Aboriginal People regain a sense of culture and identity through language? Is it the responsibility of Canadians, as a whole, to ensure opportunities like this are afforded to young people to retain their language? Learning From Elders – Elder Rose Richardson

Please answer all three questions in one post! You have listened to Elder Rose Richardson talk about different plants. Listen towhy she wants all people – not just First Nations or Métis people – but all people to understand. (mp3) What do you think about the need to save this knowledge? How could all of society benefit from this knowledge? If we share this knowledge – how can it also be protected from those who may want to exploit it?

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