Nanotechnology 19609258


discussing the bulleted pointers below. You will need to cite at least one academic reference in APA or IEEE style:

· According to quantum field theory, all the elementary particles in the universe are the excited states of the fundamental quantum fields that exist everywhere. There is no such thing as empty space, nor it is the ether of classical notion. The quantum fields permeate everywhere, all over the universe, and they are real (albeit unobservable).

· Some consider the concept of zero-point energy as the basis for exploring the possibility of perpetual motion machines, such as energy-free motors that run on nothing but the Earth’s magnetic field.

· Your research on zero-point energy, vacuum energy, dark energy, Casimir force, the fundamental quantum fields, and their inter-relations, if any.

· Possibility or impossibility of designing perpetual motion machines from zero-point energy

· Design ideas, if any, for these perpetual motion machines, such as nanomachines and molecular machines.

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