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 Course Capstone Project You are an emergency manager of a village and a new mayor was elected who does not want to spend time on interagency emergency planning. Create a PowerPoint Presentation convincing the new mayor of the benefits of interagency emergency planning, why it is important, and how the community will benefit from interagency emergency planning. You are expected to make a convincing argument to persuade the mayor of the need for interagency emergency management. Additionally, you are expected to not only utilize the material presented in Unit VIII, but also information from throughout the course. Your PowerPoint Presentation should be at least 12 slides in length (not including a title and reference slide) and each slide should use the notes section. APA citations and references are a requirement for this assignment. You must utilize at least two reliable sources (one can be your textbook). Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided belo 

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