Open Enrollment


Use The American Community College attached below to read the following: Chapter 2, “Students: Diverse Backgrounds and Purposes,” pages 45–77. Chapter 8, “Developmental Education: Enhancing Literacy and Basic Skills,” pages 235–264.

For this question, resume the role of a public information officer. During the public discussion at a college board meeting, a parent of a recent high school graduate complained to the board that her son, who graduated in the top 10 percent of his high school class, was unable to get a full schedule of general education courses. The parent asked why students enrolled in developmental education courses due to lack of success in high school could enroll before her son. A board member has asked you to explain open access and enrollment priorities in a 300–400 word memo to the board, defending open access and open enrollment. Using the unit readings attached below explain enrollment priorities to the board of trustees.

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