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How do you select a supply chain management (SCM) strategy? In this module, you have explored a variety of SCMs; now it is your turn to select strategies for two international cities. Both of the cities chosen have unique challenges that will require critical and creative thinking to enable you to select effective SCM strategies.


You are the Strategic Planning Officer for a bottled water company. Your boss has asked you to look at two cities, one in Tumon, Guam and the other in Accra, Ghana. The goal is to select a supply chain strategy for each city.

TASKS In a paper, consider the following: Read “Get Out of the Distribution Blind Spot and Goods Distribution Management in City Logistics Environment: A Systemic Approach.” Research Tumon, Guam and Accra, Ghana. Identify a strategy for each city and explain why you feel the strategy will result in optimal performance and give your company a competitive advantage in the respective market (Tumon and Accra). Your supply chain strategy should address what critical factors you utilized to select your strategy. For example, did you consider local road quality? Availability of third party logistics providers? Your paper should be 6-7 pages long with a minimum of 2 references in a double-spaced document using 12 pt. Times New Roman font, utilizing APA format.

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