Operations Management Paper

The research paper should highlight one of the primary tenets of Operations Management: Process Design, Quality, Capacity and Scheduling or Inventory Control from a current news article. Sample articles or links to the news article will be provided at the first class.

Learning Outcomes: The student will:

F-1 Select an article from a news source and evaluate the article from an operations management tenet: Process Design, Quality, Capacity and Scheduling or Inventory Control.

F-2 An alternative is to complete the research paper on the organization where you work on one of the Ops Mgmt tenets. (Student papers have included articles on Amazon.com, Gore, Kraft Food, DuPont Corporation, The State of Delaware etc.)

F-3A comprehensive research of journals, texts, articles, and web sites should be reviewed for the paper topic.

F-4Prepare the term paper using APA format.

F-5 In addition to the textbook, a minimum of two additional reference sources must be used regarding the Operations Management category review of the news article.

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