Paper Due Tomorrow 19508513

Mini Research Paper

Write your paper on one of the three following topic areas:

• How do issues such as time management, procrastination, academic strategies, locus of control, willingness to ask for help, learning style, etc. impact learning? (Choose 1 or 2)

• How do online courses and/or the use of technology impact the learning experience? • How does Growth Mindset affect learning?


• APA Style (6th edition)
• 5 pages (including title and reference page)
• double-spaced, 12- point font, Times New Roman • 1″ margins
• No abstract


• three are required
• at least one should be peer-reviewed


• Draft due on 2/6 at 4:00PM CST. Include a draft of the introduction, topic/central question, and reference page including at least two references.

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