Paper On Cambodian

This 8-page paper will be a culmination of what you have experienced and explored throughout your work on this project. Since everyone’s experience will be different, the content of the paper will vary for each student; however, there are two sections that everyone should include: Reflection on your Immersion Project:     Observation: What observational activity did you attend and what insight did it give you into your selected population? Dialogue: How did you carry out your dialogue? Reflect on your experience and what insight it gave you into your selected population. Reaction and Critical Analysis of your experience: This section should incorporate your reflections on your experiences, what you learned about the group, what you learned about yourself, and how your perceptions of this group have changed over time.

Several areas to address in this section: Description of the group Values/belief orientation Social interactions (relationships within and between group members) Religious/spiritual beliefs Roles and expectations Language and communication

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