Part 1 19730523

The Research Paper shall focus on developing a leadership plan for addressing the leadership issues with the COVID-19 stop movement act.
The body of the Research Paper shall be 4 pages, excluding other material such as the cover page and references.  The paper shall be presented in APA (6th or 7th edition) In the following descending order of preference, information sources must be either peer-reviewed articles or government reports. When developing a leadership plan for addressing the issue, ensure the plan covers how the chain of command, leadership style, and or the process is executed. You are cautioned to not make the plan all about the special gadget, or policy that was utilized. You should consider using one of the leadership approaches discussed in Ethical Leadership and Competing Stakeholders  Explain how the plan was managed and or controlled because of the leadership of the agency or department involved Do not take-up most of the paper describing the issue; summarize the case study as briefly as possible. A majority of the paper should be about the leadership process Be sure to cite and reference in APA style.

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