Philosophical Essay 19938287

Respond to the following prompt with a reasoned argument. Support your position with textual evidence from at least two texts we have read during this course.   In the introduction, describe what it would mean to live a life that is consistent with what you know to be real. Be sure to formulate your answer in a main claim/thesis that outlines a metaphysical account of reality and an epistemological account of how we know that reality. In the body of your essay, provide an argument supported by textual evidence for your conception of a life lived in accordance with reality. Indicate what metaphysical and epistemological assumptions or principles would inform your way of life? Support your argument with textual evidence from a at least two author’s we read during the course. Be sure that all claims are supported by textual evidence, and that all direct and indirect references to an author or text are properly cited. In the response to objections section, raise and respond to at least one objection to your main claim regarding what constitutes a life lived in accordance with reality. In the conclusion, think through the consequences of understanding your life in the way you have described and how would your life be different from the way it is now.

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