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Looking back at Aldo Leopold’s A Sand County Almanac (1949) provides a personal account of his time spent away from the city with the land. His writings often demand a compassionate response in the face of a loss of life. He suggests that we as humans are stewards of the land. We have a responsibility and he is therefore also a champion for accountability. He is concerned with the community of plants and animals of which he is a part of but even further he is concerned with both the biotic (living) and abiotic (non-living) components of said communities. What do you think about making decisions for those who arguably are unable to? Have you ever needed to do this yourself? It is my hope that we can discuss both if and how Leopold’s stories might contribute to ethical practices.

Assignment: This discussion will be similar to a quiz. Please copy and paste the questions as you answer them.

  1. Aldo Leopold recommends that we, as humans, should be Thinking Like a __________.
  2. Aldo Leopold suggests that deer live in mortal fear of ___________.
  3. Aldo Leopold suggests that mountains live in mortal fear of ___________.
  4. In what creature’s eyes does Leopold see its green fire die that changes the way he sees his world?
  5. Aldo Leopold’s Odyssey tells of the epic journey of what two characters?
  6. What does Aldo Leopold mean by “black and white buffalo” that move to and from red barns?
  7. What new character (figure) on the prairie stage marks the greatest change between the two journeys in Aldo Leopold’s Odyssey?
  8. What does environmentalism mean in regard to theory?
  9. What does environmentalism mean in regard to practice?
  10. Briefly describe a particular ethical practice of yours that you consider to be tied to a commitment to environmentalism.

Required: You must include the following 

  1. Copy and paste the ten questions above and supply a response to each.
  2. Post a reply to at least one classmate that draws specific attention to your conflicting answers and either make a case for your original answer as being better or humbly acknowledge how much better theirs is and why.


Please post your original response by 7-29 so all replies can be posted by 7-30.


A positive and affirming reply to our classmates is always nice to see but we should also be aiming to push the conversation forward in ways that help us see new angles and insights. Both your original response and subsequent reply to a classmate will of course also continue to be graded on your ability to maintain the proper grammar and spelling befitting a professional, academic setting. 

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