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Unit 1 Assignment

Research is a critical element of public health services delivery. It is often used to examine the relationships between cost, quality, and access with the goal of improving population health, clinical, and organizational practices and informing public healthcare policies. It is essential that you as a public healthcare professional develop an understanding of the purpose and value of healthcare research. 

To prepare for this assignment, think about some of the important issues in public health and health care today. Consider the topics you have been exposed to through previous courses in your program of study and any news items that have caught your attention lately. How can and how should research be used to inform the public of these issues?

Next, review peer-reviewed journals and Internet articles from an online Library that provide credible information on a particular topic in public health.

Identify a public health topic of interest and articles that relate to this topic to begin your final research paper. 

With your one selected topic and with information from your resources in mind (peer-reviewed, scholarly articles), think about the purpose and value of this particular research. Write a two-page paper (page count does not include title and references pages). Answer the questions below;

1) What is your research topic (provide details and background about the topic)?

2) Why did you select this topic?

3) What is your research question?

Follow APA style to format your paper (Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spacing, etc.).

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