Power Point Criminal Justice Lawyer

For this discussion, you will use Microsoft PowerPoint to advertise yourself. You should have at least nine (9) slides of information plus a title slide for your presentation for a total of ten (10) slides. Follow the directions below.

Choose a slide design that suits you. On your first (title) slide, include a title of your choosing to introduce yourself (criminal justice lawyer)  In the subheading, include the course number, assignment number, and your name. Create seven slides where you can share your hobbies, interesting times in your life, or just different things about you. You should not include any personal information such as your address, social security number, student ID, or anything sensitive that you would not share with a stranger. Keep any personal information about yourself, your friends, or your family private. Make sure that whatever you choose to share is classroom-appropriate and does not contain nudity, profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or anything illegal. Create one slide that will be an “invitation” to your graduation party. Identify the who, what, when, where, and why of the party details. Include appropriate graphics and text formatting to make your invitation appealing. You will also include one slide that addresses your computer safety. Include your references in the Notes section. All slides should be formatted creatively and appropriately. Use the Notes section to describe the special creative touches you added so you make sure you get credit for them. This is a chance to explore the creative features of the software. Have fun and be creative.. Share your process of creating this slideshow including challenges, new insights, and any other experiences you have had with Microsoft PowerPoint.

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