Prepare For This Discussion Review Chapter 11 Of The Mckenzie Et Al Text Pay Particular Attention To Marketing Strategies

To Prepare for this Discussion: Review Chapter 11 of the McKenzie et al. text. Pay particular attention to marketing strategies. Review “Community Advocacy” on pages 212–215 in Chapter 8 of the McKenzie et al. text and consider the use of advocacy strategies for marketing your public health program. Create a marketing product for your public health program including a name, slogan, and any other unique aspects to promote your program. This could be a brochure, flyer, poster series, or some other marketing product. Think about marketing strategies you would use to promote your public health program.

With these thoughts in mind: By Day 4

Post the marketing product idea or proposal you developed to promote your public health program. Explain how this marketing product may reach your target audience and explain why it may be effective in communicating your public health program.

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