Prepare For This Discussion Review The Berman And Bowman 2019 Article Located In This Weeks Learning Resources And Review Some Of The Websites On Societal Trends Listed In The Optional Resources Reflect

To prepare for this Discussion:
Review the Berman and Bowman (2019) article (located in this week’s Learning Resources) and review some of the websites on societal trends listed in the Optional Resources. Reflect on how societal trends influence health policy and advocacy work. View the media “Priorities and Resources in Public Health.” Research societal trends that impact public health policy. Consider a range of public health policies such as environmental, healthcare, food, tobacco, etc. Select a trend that you think has a large impact on public health policy.

Post a comprehensive response to the following:
Describe your selected societal trend Explain the impact of the trend on public health policy Explain how public health policy impacted by this societal trend might influence positive social change

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.

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