Project Management 19621971


Do your best to answer each question thoroughly and provide examples for full credit. 

Q1. Illustrate how can we control ‘change requests’ coming from different directions during a project? (follow the six Steps in the Change Control Process)

a. What are the sources of change?
 b. Discuss- If a change is agreed upon, what may be the impacts of this change to the project plan (triple constraints)? 

a. Why many project managers believe that scheduling is worthless if we do not develop a Critical Path Management (CPM) diagram?
b. Explain how CPM effects project management and give examples?

Q4. Work quality is hard to measure/ track & most likely will be sacrificed when deadlines are tight. As a project manager, how will you control that?

Q5. What are the steps for the Software Testing Life Cycle STLC? Briefly explain each step.

Q6. As a project manager there are 3 steps that you need to take to ensure success after going-live. Discuss each step.

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