Race in the 19th century. (readings attached below)

– Read all of the secondary sources and one of the primary documents. Write an essay in which you develop an argument about what your analysis of the document allows you to understand about race in the 19th century United States.  As part of your argument, explain how your analysis of the document adds to or challenges the information and ideas about race in the secondary sources.  Cite all your sources (primary and secondary) using APA style at the end of the essay. 

-Introduction (1 paragraph. 50-75 words). Your introduction should clearly state your thesis and provide an overview of the main points you will make in your essay. Underline or highlight your thesis.

-Body. (2-3 paragraphs.  200-250 words [total]). The main body of your essay should include the evidence and analysis that supports your thesis. Each paragraph should develop one main point and open with a topic sentence that clearly states that main point. Provide specific evidence from the primary source you selected and explain how the evidence supports your thesis. Also incorporate evidence from the secondary sources, explaining how it supports or challenges your thesis; if you are arguing the secondary source challenges your thesis, make a case for your interpretation.

-Conclusion (1 paragraph. 50-75 words). Provide an overview of the main points you have made and identify briefly larger questions your analysis might raise or another context in which the issues could be examined.


Secondary Sources:

– Whiteness and Race (PDF attached below)

-From the American Yawp, read: “Race and Jacksonian Democracy,” “The decline of Northern slavery and the rise of the cotton kingdom,” “Antebellum western migration and Indian removal,” “War for emancipation, 1863-1853,” and “Politics of Reconstruction.”  (Locke, J. and Write, B., eds. (2017) The American yawp. Retrieved from http://www.americanyawp.com)

Primary Sources:


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