Reflection Essay 19521481

You will be required to write a short reflection essay based on the readings and discussions from weeks 1 – 5 (Chapters 1, 12, 22-25). This paper should be a 1 -2 page, double-spaced, 12-point font, and in APA-style with a cover page and a reference page should you cite from other sources.

Be sure to construct your essay to have the following sections and answer each prompt appropriately: Topic Summary Give a brief summary of what you learned from the selected module readings and discussions. (Avoid being vague “I learned a lot about social justice” – be specific) Topic Discussion: Discuss how this topic is relevant to your field and how you personally can work to tackle this issue if given an opportunity Recommendations for my field Provide recommendations for your field on ways to tackle the social justice issue discussed (theory to action à education/awareness, action/advocacy etc.)

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