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Currently, the world is a global village. Countries interrelate with each other for social, political, and economic advantages. The increase in globalization has demonstrated both global advantages and disadvantages, and researchers have analyzed the impact of restraining this process on a foundational level. While globalization has enriched our cultural lives and brought various economic benefits, it has been a source of disruptions across the globe.

It is imperative to note that globalization has produced both economic benefits and disruptions. According to Vittana (2020), the benefits of globalization include free trade, the potential for more jobs, open lines of communication, development, and growth, and elimination of currency manipulation. Nonetheless, the disadvantages of globalization include job transfers, a culture of fear and inequality, and exposure to foreign disease. Therefore, restraining globalization could promote local employment in different sectors and preserve local cultures. However, the detriments to this idea would be severe and include collapsed economies and minimal foreign trading. Regardless of the implications of restrained globalization, this process cannot be eliminated or restrained.

Individuals experience the effects of globalization frequently. Ranging from business, leadership, education, and technology, countries associate internationally. For instance, I have classmates from many different countries. I once attended a digital workshop that was sponsored by an international corporation operating in the United States. In this workshop, I interacted with individuals from different nationalities and backgrounds. I believe that this diversity among participants benefitted the overall experience of the event. I can conclude with certainty that the workshop was fostered by the idea of globalization and was improved because of its implementation.

Globalization creates several benefits and disadvantages. However, it enhances cultures more than it destroys them. For instance, exposure to new music, clothing, and foods enrich the local society by creating variety. New technology through globalization enhances and simplifies life while allowing for cultures and experiences to be shared among people. Therefore, globalization positively enhances cultures.


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