Research methods and statistics | Psychology homework help

Write a 5-8 page (not including cover or reference pages) critique of a peer-reviewed research article.
Mullen, P. R., Chae, N., Backer, A., & Niles, J. (2021). School Counselor Burnout, Job Stress, and Job Satisfaction by Student Caseload. NASSP Bulletin, 105(1), 25–42.

The Submission must be double-spaced, 12-point font, and adhere to APA style. It must include a cover page and a reference page

A critique is a detailed analysis – not a recap or summary. 

Number and Label the following headings and be sure to address each item thoroughly: 

  1. Introduction: Identify your article
  2. Purpose: Briefly describe the purpose of the research study
  3. Variables: Identify and explain the Independent and Dependent
    Variable(s) used in the research study you have selected. You must explicitly state, “The independent variable is…” and “the dependent variable is…”
  4. Sample: identify and explain the strengths and limitations of the sample of participants used in this research study
  5. Validity: identify all the possible internal and external threats to validity from the research study you have identified
  6. Comparison with the Literature: Compare and contrast the research findings from the research study you have identified with at least two other research articles on the same or similar keyword(s). 
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