Research Methods Final Assignment

Please read carefully and follow completely these instructions to ensure a successful final submission of your project. Submissions here are FINAL and cannot be overwritten or replaced. Make sure your Professor has approved all of the draft components of your project before submitting. These include your Sources 1-6 from assignments in the second half of this course along with all in-text and Reference page formatting exercises. Download the attached Word document templates and save them to a portable drive, your personal computer, or your ASA document folder associated with your student account. When your documents are complete and finalized, attach and submit all six Word documents in this assignment in Blackboard as your final Semester Project submission (see “Attach Files / “Browse My Computer” tab under “ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION” below to access and attach the complete documents). DO NOT EMAIL FINAL DOCUMENTS TO YOUR PROFESSOR.  There is no need to include any additional text in this submission. You will have ONE ATTEMPT at your final submission ONLY, so please take care to have everything finalized and in place prior to submission.

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